1st Malaria World Congress

1-5 July 2018

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia

A unique platform for ALL stakeholders to build a solid framework for collaborative action against malaria.

Join us in Melbourne 2018 to unite to eliminate malaria.
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A series of pre-Congress interviews and panel discussions designed to promote collaborative action against malaria.

Dialogue II: Putting People at the Centre

Interview with Dr Khuất Thị Hải Oanh, Executive Director of the Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) in Vietnam


Why you should attend.

Congress highlights from Professor Alan Cowman & Professor Brendan Crabb.

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Currently we have registrations from over 61 different countries around the world. View the heat map to see where they're coming from!

Updated 08 June 2018

Meet Prof Janet Hemingway

Hear why Invited speaker Prof Janet Hemingway believes the 1st Malaria World Congress will play a crucial role in the malaria eradication agenda


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Program Updates!

A truly multi-sector approach putting a strong focus on collaboration, this landmark malaria congress integrates; discovery science with frontline, public health initiatives, policy and governance, private sector, partnerships and affected communities with the ultimate aim being a unified response to elimination and eradication.

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The Australian Government is pleased to support the inaugural Malaria World Congress.
We are committed to the goal of achieving the elimination of malaria in our region by 2030.
The Malaria World Congress will bring together the global malaria community for the first time to share ideas, innovate and agree on global action to achieve this goal.
— Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs