Malaria World Congress 2018


Malaria Dialogues.

A series of pre-Congress interviews and panel discussions designed to promote collaborative action against malaria


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'Global malaria priorities in 2018'

A conversation with Dr Pedro Alonso, Director of the Global Malaria Programme of the World Health Organization.   

‘Whole of society’ responses to malaria

A conversation with Dr Kesete Admasu, CEO of the RBM Partnership to End Malaria.

Just ahead of the Malaria World Congress, Tim France talked with Dr Kesete about the growing momentum to turn the tide against malaria and the pan-African campaign ‘Zero Malaria Starts with Me’ that will be announced at the forthcoming African Union meeting and in Melbourne.  

Leadership driving goals.

A conversation with Dr Ben Rolfe, CEO of the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance secretariat.

In this discussion, Tim France asks Dr Rolfe if heads of state are the ones driving malaria goals today, and if innovative models of malaria-focused leadership are emerging in Asia Pacific and beyond.  

Malaria elimination in a global health context.

A conversation with Dr Christoph Benn, Director of External Relations at the Global Fund and Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Deputy Director General for Programmes at the World Health Organisation.

In this discussion, Tim France asks each guest how some of the major shifts taking place in global health today are influencing malaria elimination, whether malaria is being integrated in a smart way into health systems, and what lessons we can draw from the global response to HIV that might help ‘jump-start’ mobilisation around malaria.   

Putting People at the Centre. 

Live interview with Dr Khuất Thị Hải Oanh, Executive Director of the Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) in Vietnam

One of the primary goals of the Malaria World Congress is to bring together the stakeholders and sectors that must work together to end malaria. In the second of the Malaria Dialogues we will explore civil society leadership as a core requirement for malaria elimination, relevant lessons from the global HIV response, and how we will know if we truly are placing people at the centre of malaria elimination efforts.

Malaria Today.

Dr Winnie Mpanju Shumbusho discusses the recent history and present status of malaria control and elimination efforts. Dr Winnie Mpanju Shumbusho is the Chairperson of the RBM Partnership to End Malaria Board. She was talking with Dr Tim France. 

The ‘Malaria Dialogues’ is a series of pre-Congress interviews and panel discussions designed to promote collaborative action against the disease in the lead up to the first Malaria World Congress (1-5 July 2018 in Melbourne, Australia).