George Taleo

Ministry of Health, Vanuatu

Worked in the Ministry of Health since 1983 as hospital administrator, malaria microscopist, Manager of the Vanuatu National Malaria Program and appointed to the position of the Director General of the Ministry of Health in 2016.

Co authored in various health publications which cover  malaria in Vanuatu, it’s impact of changes of treatment regimens, introduction of vector strategies and finally led the program on malaria elimination of which the government of Vanuatu has committed to under the APMEN,  Asia/Pacific government leaders forum in 2018 and the CHOGM declaration.

Led the Vanuatu Malaria Program management team in collaboration with WHO and development partners to introduce the Malaria Elimination strategy on Aneityum in 1993 which led to nationwide malaria elimination intervention which is set for eradication by 2030.

Continue to hold the position of Director General of the Ministry of Health supporting government on the strategic vision of the health sector and ensuring priority policies in the delivery of health services are practicable with the coordination of government and development partner funding resources.