Pillar two

Leadership Driving Goals

Pillar Co-Chairs

Associate Professor Helen Evans
Nossal Institute for Global Health and Burnet Institute
Dr Benjamin Rolfe
Asia Pacific Malaria Leaders Alliance (APLMA)
Dr Rima Shretta
APLMA and University of California San Francisco

This pillar is centered on the role of global, regional and country governance structures in malaria elimination and eradication. The sessions will be based on the three MWC themes. The eight sessions are planned:

Malaria Today

  • Malaria elimination and the environment
  • Maintaining national political leadership in the context of declining infection rates

Malaria in a Global Health Context

  • The future of financing health and implications for malaria, communicable diseases and health security
  • Role of global partnerships and regional initiatives in maintaining leadership
  • Incentives and disincentives for private sector engagement


Meeting the Challenges of Malaria Eradication

  • Challenges to malaria eradication

  • The economic case for malaria elimination and eradication

  • Global health security in the context of infectious diseases and drug resistance

The session will take the form of panel discussants, presentations and discussions. Speakers, panel discussants, session chairs and other invitees in this pillar are be expected to be from: Government, NGOs, Civil Society, donors, multilateral agencies, academia and the private sector.