Pillar three


Pillar Co-Chairs

Professor Brendan Crabb
Burnet Institute
Dr John Reeder
Tropical Disease Research / World Health Organization
Dr Leanne Robinson
Burnet Institute

Taking Services to the People

Frontline is centred around service delivery and has the tag line ‘taking services to the people’.

Speakers, panel discussants, session chairs and other invitees in this pillar could be expected to be from: Government and government departments (especially from recipient countries), international NGOs and other service delivery organisations (eg, Population Services International), major non-government funders (eg, Rotary Against Malaria, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Presidents Malaria Initiative, Clinton Foundation), multilateral agencies (especially the World Health Organisation and The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria), implementation and operational research agencies (eg, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research).



    Invitees in the Frontline pillar need to contribute to the following 3 MWC themes:

    Malaria Today

    • Scale-up and innovating with existing interventions
    • Containing artemisinin resistance
    • Elimination strategies

    Malaria in a Global Health Context

    • Coordinating/integrated control (or lessons from) of vector borne diseases
    • Health security
    • Malaria and the Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Care
    • Health System Strengthening via malaria control and vice versa,
    • Lessons from other Elimination strategies (Lymphatic filariasis, polio, and others)

    Meeting the Challenges of Malaria Eradication

    • RTS,S in the implementation landscape
    • Using radical cure drugs
    • Strategies for 'the last mile'
    • Maintaining momentum in complex emergencies