Preliminary Program.

Malaria in a Global Health Context
Malaria & sustainable development goals
Chair: Lelio Mamora, Unitaid

Ruby Shang, Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance
The role of global and regional partnerships
Chair: Dr Winnie Mpanju-Shumbusho, RBM Partnership to End Malaria



Engaging & sustaining community Involvement: Identifying, Mobilising, Influencing and supporting community involvement in Health/Disease Control Malaria elimination task force project (METF) - malaria elimination on the frontline Integrated control of VBDs & health security Engagement & role of the private sector? Immunity in an elimination context Next generation antimalarials

Chair: Prof Leonore Manderson
Monash University

Chair: Prof Francois Nosten
Director, Shoklo Malaria Research Unit

Chair: Altaf Lal,
Global Health & Innovation, Sun Pharmaceuticals

Chair: Prof Kevin Marsh
African Academy of Science & University of Oxford

Chair: Dr David Reddy
Medicines for Malaria Venture

Interactive facilitated discussion Panel: Define communication and coordination channels between and among country and regional Civil society networks. Discuss resources and work needed to engage CSOs and mobilise the needed resources. Discuss community and civil society expectations on, and commitments to support and contribute towards success.
Prof Francois Nosten
Introduction to METF
Prof Tom Burkot
Malaria vector monitoring: can vector data guide global policy and programmatic decision-making?
Ray Nishimoto
Prof Denise Doolan
Dr David Reddy

Aung Paye Phyo
ACT resistance on the Thai-Myanmar border
Dr Louise Kelly-Hope
Lessons learnt from integrated control - drug-based methods
Dr Lisa Bonnadonna
Dr Neena Valecha
Prof Dennis Shanks

Jordi Landier
Strategy of METF and Impact

Lessons learnt from integrated control - vector control

Michelle Boyle*
Merozoite specific IgM is associated with protection from Plasmodium falciparum malaria in children and prevents RBC invasion via complement fixation
Prof Susan Charman

Aung Myint Thu
Trends in molecular markers and resistance

Lessons learnt from Dengue/Zika frontline control

Rhea Longley*
Development of serological markers for detecting recent exposure to Plasmodium vivax malaria
Prof Leann Tilley

Ladda Kajeechiwa
Community engagement in malaria elimination

David Gurarie*
Immune selection of malaria quasi-species: virulence, transmissibility and multiplicity of infection
Prof Vicky Avery

Jade Rae
Importance of monitoring and evaluation

Prof Kiaran Kirk

Victor Chaumeau
Entomological determinants of malaria elimination

Prof Lisa White and Ricardo Aguas
Mathematical models to extend and extrapolate the empirical evidence on targeted malaria elimination

Prof Arjen Dondorp
Governance, politics and conclusion



Mobile people & populations: understanding & meeting needs Australia-China-Papua New Guinea trilateral malaria project Health systems strengthening, universal health coverage & sustainable development goals in malaria Global health security & AMR Unique Challenges of non-falciparum malarias Triple combination therapy for multidrug resistant malaria Next gen vaccines & targets

Chair: Prof Barbara McPake
The University of Melbourne

Chair: Dr Ben Rolfe
Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance

Chairs: Prof Nick Anstey
Menzies School of Health Research
& Dr Jetsumon Prachumsri
Mahidol University

Chair: Prof Arjen Dondorp
Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit

Overview of mobility & universal health access
Dr Evelyn Lavu
Stengthening capacity for quality malaria diagnosis in PNG
*Details will be published shortly.
Robin Davies
The intersection of Australia's leadership in malaria elimination and health security
Dr Jetsumon Prachumsri
*Details will be published shortly.
*Details will be published shortly.
Dr Neeraj Dhingra
Reaching tribal populations in India
Dr Junhu Chen
Provision of technical expertise in malaria diagnostics and control

Aparnaa Somanathan
Financing core health systems for essential services and security: integrating the agendas
Professor Nick Anstey

Emmanuel Odjidja (Burundi)*
Prevention of malaria in pregnancy amongst pastoralists in a humanitarian setting: an exploratory study
Dr Moses LamanOperational research
Provision of technical expertise in malaria diganostics and control

Prof Arjen Dondorp
Multi-drug resistant malaria in the Greater Mekong sub region, a critical health security event?
Dr Sarah Auburn

Panel discussion

Aung Ye Naung Win*
Understanding malaria treatment seeking preferences within the public sector amongst migrant/mobile workers in a malaria elimination scenario: A mixed methods case study

Operational research

Wang Nguitragool (Australian Award Fellowship)

Benjamin Bob*
The social co-relation between malaria, water sanitation and hygiene among internally displaced people and illegal migrant's health: an epidemiological review of the social implications of migration and population health in SubSaharan Africa

Partnership approaches for improved outcomes

Mayfong Mayxay (Australian Award Fellowship)

Open for abstracts


3:30PM PROF ARJEN DONDORP Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit
Key problems of today: Antimalarials & drug resistance
Chair: Prof Graham Brown, The University of Melbourne

4:00PM PROF JANET HEMINGWAY Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Key problems of today: Insecticide resistance
Chair: Prof Graham Brown, The University of Melbourne



* Speakers are from selected abstracts therefore biography may not be available.