Preliminary Program.

8:30AM PROF SIR RICHARD FEACHEM University of California
Challenges of malaria eradication
Chair: A/ Prof Helen Evans, Nossal Institute for Global Health and Burnet Institute

9:00AM DR RIMA SHRETTA Asia Pacific Malaria Leaders Alliance
Economic case & political will

The shifting landscape for financing health



Innovative approaches to supporting affected persons voices to the table Partnering for strong malaria control and research Challenges of implementing new tools Accelerating malaria research & development through international collaborations (Sponsored by BVGH and WIPO) The future of health financing Plasmodium vivax treatment, risks and radical cure Genomics and malaria/transmission Diagnostics

Chair: Dr Helen Saxenian,
Results for Development

Chair:Prof Ric Price
Menzies School of Health Research

Chair: Prof Dyann Wirth,
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Session by Comic Relief
Prof Kevin Marsh
Developing health research and health workforce capacity

New technology for mapping and intervention
Mr Charles Randolph
Dr Helen Saxenian
*Details will be published shortly
Prof Dyann Wirth
Dr Jane Cunningham

Open for abstracts

Social innovation and entrepreneurship
Ms Patricia Kelly

Prof Dominic Kwiatkowski
Dr Gonzalo Domingo

Q&A Panel

Implementation of real-time genomic surveillance
Dr Cathy Manner

Prof Karen Day
Dr Sabine Dittrich

Erin Nunan

FITC Host/Fellow

Open for abstracts

Open for abstracts

Panel Discussion: Discuss the challenges of R&D in low-resource settings, the value of partnering with research institutes in malaria-endemic countries, and how to establish mutually-beneficial research collaborations.



Universal Access: Providing services to people where rountine services do not reach Maintaining momentum & strategies for the last mile: Elimination/Eradication lessons learnt New tools and technologies: Challenges for elimination & eradication Challenges to malaria eradication & how can we meet them? Unique challenges of non-falciparum malarias Recent advances in severe pathophysiology and treatment Surveillance

Chair: Dr Ingrid Chen
University of California, San Francisco

Chair: Prof Ivo Mueller
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical

Chair: Prof Arjen Dondorp
Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit

Community level barriers to access

Malaria elimination efforts in Sri Lanka
*Details will be published shortly
Dr Winnie Mpanju-Shumbusho
Dr Jetsumon Prachumsri
Dr Haruhiko Isioka
Fluid resuscitation in adult severe malaria: how dry can you go?
Prof Azra Ghani

Shoko experiences: Karen views on community engagement for access

LF, Drucunculiasis, other NTD elimination success stories

Balbir Singh
Prof Ric Price
Dr Katherine Plewes
Protecting the kidney with paracetamol in severe falciparum malaria
Prof Archie Clements

Open for abstracts

Malaria in Africa comparison to other diseases eg polio

Prof Peter Gething
Prof Nicholas Anstey
Dr Bridget Barber
The free haemoglobin, oxidative stress, acute kidney injury, pathway in knowlesi malaria

Q&A Panel

Priorities for maintaining momentum

Jim Tulloch
Dr Sarah Auburn
Prof Nicholas Anstey
Concomitant bacteraemia in adult severe malaria

Dr Stije Leopold
Contributors to metabolic acidosis in falciparum malaria


3:30PM PROF LENORE MANDERSON Monash University
Social movements and community engagements
Chair: Prof Maxine Whittaker, James Cook University

4:00PM PROF MARCEL TANNER Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi)

Chair: Prof Maxine Whittaker, James Cook University