Sarah MacCana

Australia China Papua New Guinea Pilot Cooperation on Malaria Control Project

Sarah MacCana is currently the Project Partnership Manager for the Australia-China-Papua New Guinea Pilot Cooperation on Malaria Control, based in Port Moresby, PNG. In delivering this innovative form of trilateral (or south-south) cooperation, the first of its kind between the three countries, Sarah has supported the three governments to adopt a partnership-based approach based on shared benefits and risks, mutual decision-making and joint resource contributions. A recent independent mid-term review of the project found that this partnership approach has been a significant reason for the effectiveness of the trilateral project in strengthening malaria diagnosis in PNG.

Sarah has worked in international development for almost 15 years, and has lived in PNG since 2008. She previously worked with the Australia Agency for International Development (in PNG and Canberra), and within the PNG and international not-for-profit sector. Prior to AusAID, Sarah served internship and graduate roles within the New South Wales government, after receiving the University Medal for her Bachelor of International Relations from the University of New South Wales.   She is an accredited partnership broker through the global Partnership Brokers Association (PBA), and is passionate about sharing PBA’s tools and approaches to achieve meaningful and sustainable results in the fight against malaria. She is lead author of the chapter “Using Partnership-Based Approaches to Improve Aid Effectiveness: A trilateral cooperation case study” in Shaping sustainable change: The role of partnership brokering in optimizing collaborative action (Greenleaf Publications, July 2018).